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What is a Shubh Muhurat?

Muhurats are considered to be the auspicious time slots, determined by nature itself for carrying out all possible tasks that are important for an individual in his/ her lifetime. Nature and the cosmic energy have their own ways of fixing time slots for accomplishment of each event in everyone’s life.

As per Hindu Vedic Astrology, there is a particular moment or duration in time for every task to be consummated, which is the Shubh Muhurat for that particular event. It takes a lot of study and calculations of various celestial bodies and their movements to determine a Shubh Muhurat. Muhurats have been of immense importance since the ancient Vedic days. Back then,they were determined for performing events of distinct importance, such as ‘Yajnas’. This was done to ensure the presence of divinely-sourced positivity while the felicitous event was being done. And as the concept of Muhurats caught attention in the society, People began to consult the astrologers more often to ensure that all their important events were polished off during an auspicious time. In ancient times, the kings and rulers of various dynasties and kingdoms would prefer a precise Muhurat for all their auspicious occasions.

Finding the lucky wedding dates

To find the auspicious wedding dates, Kundali Match is done commonly. The position of the stars in the Kundali and date of birth of the boy and girl are compared to find the best suitable dates for their marriage.

Groom’s astrological position with relation to moon and the Bride’s astrological position with relation to Sun are determined to find out the lucky dates for their wedding.


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