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Baby Names by Nakshatra

What Is Nakshatra Or Birth Star?

Nakshatra are star signs forming Indian astrology. When the moon travels through the sky, it is believed to pass the 27 sections or ‘lunar houses’, with each house containing a dominant star or constellation.

These 27 lunar houses are known as nakshatra in Indian astrology, with each lunar house getting its name from a dominant star or constellation in that house.

How To Find Birth Star Or Nakshatra?

To calculate the birth star , you’ll need to provide the astrologer your baby’s place and time of birth. The details help him calculate the position of the moon at the time of the child’s birth. This will be the baby’s nakshatra. The astrologer will fill out a birth chart or janam patri, which will tell not just the baby’s nakshatra, but also the position of all the planets at the time of the birth of the baby. All this information will assist the astrologer in the prediction of the child’s future. This is why birth stars form an integral part of Indian astrology and baby names. Indians also refer to the birth chart or kundali before making important decisions such as choosing a career, venturing into a new business and fixing a marriage.

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