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Money occupies the center of our lives as it forms the primary means to satisfy all material necessities and luxuries. Of course, it can not buy happiness, but it can certainly facilitate convenience and fulfilment, which are the two important ingredients of a happy life. As the new year is about to dawn, there are renewed hopes, dreams, expectations, aspirations all trying to find a space for themselves. The thought in every mind is whether the new year will be beneficial to them in matters of money and finance.

As the purpose of Astrology is to translate into common language what the celestial bodies convey about human destiny, so the mention of planetary movements here becomes important and interesting. Well, the forthcoming year is going to witness several significant planetary movements. These movements are likely to cause big financial changes in the lives of people. Saturn will be transiting through its own Sign during the entire year. On the other hand, Jupiter will be passing through the Sign of Scorpio initially and will later enter its own Sign – Sagittarius. These movements point to a financially productive year in general.


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