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Relationship Astrology

This branch of Astrology is widely used not exactly because of the magic of love and romance, but because relationships are what truly defines our inner being. The entire zodiac circle is made of oppositions, speaking of 6 types of relationships that 12 signs of the zodiac have. Each aspect is a relationship itself, and every disposition they have will show colors and shades to them and their additional diversity.

Without relationships we would not be human and wouldn’t be here at all, for they don’t come down to us and other people, but also our relationships with our bodies, hearts and minds. Others are just our own mirror and the way we see them will speak of our inner states and things we cherish or things we have trouble resolving. Whatever annoys us in others is a large part of our own character, and we should keep this in mind every second of the way, in every conflict we have to resolve.


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